U-35's encounter with the Fleetwood fishing trawler ARLITA

On 18 September 1939, U-35 came upon a group of three trawlers. It sank the ARLITA, a British fishing trawler of 326t, and the LORD MINTO, a British fishing trawler of 295t, by gunfire WNW of St Kilda, west of the Outer Hebrides, sparing the third trawler, NANCY HAGUE, to carry home the crews of all three.

On 22 September 1939, the Fleetwood Chronicle published the crew list of ARLITA:

Ernest Christy, skipper, Pharos Street, Fleetwood

James Edward Mayson, mate, Addison Road, Fleetwood

W. Sloane, bosun, Spring… Avenue, Thornton

Thomas Christy, deckhand, Pharos Street, Fleetwood

J. Astles, deckhand, Longton Avenue, Thornton

H. Ramshaw, deckhand, Harrison Avenue, Thornton

W. Lee, deckhand, Addison Road, Fleetwood

C. Bird, half-deckhand, Grove Place, Hoylake

L. Cashmere, cook, Warrenhurst Road, Fleetwood

Peter Danson Croft, chief engineer, North Church Street, Fleetwood

F. Woolfenden, fireman, Radcliffe Road, Fleetwood

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