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U-35 crew member Wilhelm Janssen

Wilhelm Janssen was born in Lingen, Germany, on 30.X.1913, and after training as a mechanic for the railways during 1928 to 1932, volunteered in the Reichsmarine on 26 December 1932.

A parade of Naval recruits, including Wilhelm Janssen. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen (left) during torpedo training. [64]

The U-35 crew in Spain. Wilhelm Janssen is third from left. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen with a local family in Spain. The child is not his! [64]

on board U-35, with foreign visitors (probably Spanish). Wilhelm Janssen is on the left. [64]

Three U-35 crewmembers in Spain, from the collection of Wilhelm Janssen. [64]

U-35 crewmembers Johann van der Pütten, Walter Kalabuch, Karl Schnute and Wilhelm Janssen cleaning their provisions of bread, which had gotten mouldy. [47]

Wilhelm Janssen is second from left. [64]

on board U-35, from the photo collection of Wilhelm Janssen. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen is holding the cup. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen is third from right. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen is on the right. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen is facing the camera. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen and Paul Liebau depart U-35 after the first war cruise. [32,33]

The crew of U-35 arriving at a Scottish port after being captured. The original caption to this wartime magazine photo read: "Most of the forty-three prisoners expressed distaste at their task of sinking defenceless ships and seemed glad that their share in this type of warfare is finished." Pictured: Ernst Weber, Siegfried Kienast, Gerhard Freier, Wilhelm Janssen, Siegfried Bruse, Johann van der Pütten, Martin Müller, Karl Sommerer. [19,33,38]

Upon capture, Wilhelm Janssen was assigned POW Number 37332. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen as a Prisoner of War in Canada. [64]

ThiSchnMayHirJanKalLieFisJacMue.jpg (91459 bytes)Espanola POW Camp, Canada.

Standing, from left: Hannes Thieme, Karl Schnute, Erich Bartold May, Hubert Hirsch, Wilhelm Janssen.

Seated: Walter Kalabuch, Paul Liebau, Gottlob Wilhelm Fischer, Willi Jacob, Martin Müller.


A photo of POWs who formed a theatrical group.
Wilhelm Janssen is in the back row, third from right.
Heinz Küfner is in the front row, second from left. [65]

Wilhelm Janssen became an interpreter during captivity, and was promoted to Obermaat in 1940. He was briefly hospitalized in 1941 at POW Camp 21/E (Espanola), Ontario, and again in 1943 at POW Camp 133 (Lethbridge), Alberta. [64]

Wilhelm Janssen was repatriated on 31 December 1946. He was employed by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German railways) until his retirement.

Wilhelm Janssen in about 1970. [64]

Johannes Weigand and Wilhelm Janssen in Berchtesgaden on vacation in 1980. [64]

The 1980 reunion in Emden, Germany.
L-R: Albert Schrader, Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters, Friedrich-Wilhelm Vollmer, Willi Jacob, Paul Liebau, Heinz Pfeifer, Martin Müller, Gustav Horstkötter, Wilhelm Janssen, Werner Lott, Karl Sommerer, Erich Bartold May, Peter von der Helm, Gerhard Stamer. [55]

Wilhelm Janssen passed away on 28.VI.1982, and is survived by his wife Wilma Janssen.

Hilmar Hundertmark, nephew of Wilhelm Janssen, is a major contributor to this website.

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