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U-35 cook Martin Müller

Martin Müller was born on 11 November 1916 and served on U-35 from its commissioning.
schiffsglocke.jpg (114983 bytes)The crew of U-35 on about 05 December 1936. Martin Müller is in on the left, just below the top row of sailors. [78]
Urbahns01b.jpg (62631 bytes) The crew of U-35, including Martin Müller, in September 1937 in Kiel. [90]
U-35 crewmembers Stefan Döbele, Richard Menzel, Wilhelm Strauss, Lindemann, Martin Müller, Otto Wagner, Karl Fehr. [47,72]
RoloffGruppe2.jpg (32982 bytes)On board U-35 in Cadiz, April 1939. From left: Helmut Parthum, Otto Wagner, Karl-Heinz Schmidt, Walter Roloff, Martin Müller, Hans-Bernhard Michalowski, Karl Schnute.
The crew of U-35 in Spain, April 1939. [44] Martin Müller is in the front row, third from right.
Crash of a Klemm 35 training aircraft in Warnemünde in early summer 1939.
The aircraft's approach to the
Warnemünde airport was far too low, and its right wing made contact with the conning tower of U-35. The wing broke, and the plane plunged into the Warnow river. Martin Müller cut the pilot out of his straps with his knife, thereby saving him from drowning. As a reward, the entire crew of U-35 was promised a free flight, which never materialized due to the onset of war. U-35 crewmembers later saw the pilot in Canada as a fellow POW. [44,47]
The crew of U-35 arriving at a Scottish port after being captured. The original caption to this wartime magazine photo read: "Most of the forty-three prisoners expressed distaste at their task of sinking defenceless ships and seemed glad that their share in this type of warfare is finished." Pictured: Ernst Weber, Siegfried Kienast, Gerhard Freier, Wilhelm Janssen, Siegfried Bruse, Johann van der Pütten, Martin Müller, Karl Sommerer. [19,33,38]
The crew of U-35 arriving at a Scottish port after being captured. Front row: Johannes Weigand, Siegfried Bruse, Martin Müller, Karl Sommerer, Theodor Schütt, Albert Schrader, Kurt Grosser, and Paul Fichte [33,38]

Martin Müller was assigned POW Number 37334.

ThiSchnMayHirJanKalLieFisJacMue.jpg (91459 bytes)Espanola POW Camp, Canada.

Standing, from left: Hannes Thieme, Karl Schnute, Erich Bartold May, Hubert Hirsch, Wilhelm Janssen.

Seated: Walter Kalabuch, Paul Liebau, Gottlob Wilhelm Fischer, Willi Jacob, Martin Müller.

The 1980 reunion in Emden, Germany.
Albert Schrader, Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Willi Jacob, Paul Liebau, Heinz Pfeifer, Martin Müller, Gustav Horstkötter, Wilhelm Janssen, Werner Lott, Karl Sommerer, Erich Bartold May, Peter von der Helm, Gerhard Stamer. [55]

1982: Reunion in Neuss on the Rhine, organized by Lucia and Erich Bartold May:
Photo: Augustusburg palace in Brühl. L-R: Inge Lott, Walter Konradt, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters, Martha Konradt, unknown, Lucia May, Werner Lott, Charlotte Vollmer, Grete Balke, Wilhelm Silbernagel (guest), Mrs. Silbernagel, Änne Horstkötter, Gustav Horstkötter, unknown (girlfriend of Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters), Albert Göbel (guest), unknown, Erich Bartold May, Inge Pfeifer, Heinz Pfeifer, Peter von der Helm, Martin Müller, Mrs. Schwarz, Maria Weigand, unknown, Willi Jacob, unknown, Johannes Weigand. [54]
A reunion of the U-35 crew in May 1984 in Hamburg L-R: Martin Müller, Johannes Weigand, Siegfried Bruse, Willi Jacob, Peter von der Helm, Walter Roloff, Werner Lott. [54,63]

Martin Müller passed away on 15 November 1995 and is survived by his sons Hans and Martin, who is a major contributor to this website.
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