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    Klaus Ewerth was the first commander of U-35, from before commissioning on 03 November 1936 until 06 December 1936.

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    The crew of U-35, probably on 05 December 1936. Klaus Ewerth and Hans-Rudolf Rösing are identifiable, among others. [78]

    Kptlt. Hans-Rudolf Rösing took command of U-35, likely on 06 December 1936, for a planned patrol in Spanish waters during early 1937; this patrol was canceled.

    Instead, a trip to Ponta Delgada in the Azores
    was undertaken.

    He was born on 28 August 1905 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany
    , and entered the Navy in 1924 (Crew 24).

    A much more complete description of his career can be found at http://uboat.net/men/roesing.htm

    Kptlt. Hermann Michahelles was born on 11 January 1909, entered the Navy in 1927 (Class of 1927), and became commander of U-2 from 25 July 1935 until 30 September 1936. On 01 October 1936 he was promoted to the rank of Kapitänleutnant. From this date until to 06 December 1936 he was a U-Boat commander for the

    2nd U-Flotilla, "Saltzwedel", scheduled to be commander of U-36. Instead, Klaus Ewerth was given command of U-36, Hans-Rudolf Rösing was given command of U-35 for the planned patrol to Spain, and Hermann Michahelles was scheduled to become commander of U-35 after that patrol. After U-35 returned from the Azores on

    03 February 1937, he was finally given command of the ship, and served in that capacity until 30 July 1937, when he died in an automobile accident in Haunstetten

    near Augsburg. [51]

    Oblt. Otto Kretschmer was the Watch Officer of U-35 from 03 November 1936 - 30 July 1937. Upon the death of Kptlt. Hermann Michahelles, Otto Kretschmer became commander of U-35 until 15 August 1937. He continued to serve as Watch Officer of U-35 until 30 September 1937.
    He was born on 01 May 1912 in
    Heidenau, Kreis Liegnitz, Germany
    , and entered the Navy in 1930 (Crew 30). He died on 05 August 1998.

    A much more complete description of his career on U-35 can be found on his web page

    His career after U-35 can be found at http://uboat.net/men/kretschmer.htm
    A brief audio clip of his assignment to
    U-35 can be heard at http://uboat.net/men/interviews/kretschmer_1.ram

    Kptlt. Werner Lott was commander of U-35 from 15 August 1937 until 29 November 1939.
    He was born on 03 December 1907 in
    Willenberg, East Prussia. He entered the Navy in 1926 (Crew 26). He was promoted to the rank of Kapitänleutnant (Lietenant Commander) on 01 October 1934 (10th in the class). From September 1936 - 31 March 1937, he was commander of U 21. During April 1937, he participated in ship construction lessons at Germaniawerft, Kiel. From 15 April 1937 to 15 August 1937, he was commander of U-32
    . [1,3,15]

    "I was named as commander of U-35 by Dönitz personally on 15 August 1937. Thereupon I gave up command of U-32 to Paul Büchel
    " [28]

    He received the Iron Cross, second class, in October 1939.
    Werner Lott was promoted to the rank of Korvettenkapitän (Commander) on 01 November 1940 while in captivity as a POW in Canada.
    He died on 02 May 1997. [1,3,15]
    A much more complete description of his career can be found on his
    web page.

    Werner Lott, on board U-35.

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    The crew of U-35 in September 1937 in Kiel. [90]

    The U-35 crew in Spain. [44]

    The crew of U-35 was featured on the front and back covers of "Die Wehrmacht" (25 October 1939) upon return from the first war patrol. [32,33]

    Another photograph taken of the U-35 crew. [35]

    At the time of capture by the British, the crew of U-35 consisted of the following individuals, as reported by the United Kingdom's Directorate of Naval Staff Duties, Foreign Document Section:


    Kapt.Ltn. Werner Lott
    , Commander

    Ob.Ltn.z.S. Heinz Erchen
    , First Watch Officer

    Kapt.Ltn.(Ing.)* Gerhard Stamer, Chief Engineer
    Hans-Joachim Roters, Second Watch Officer


    Georg Ludwig Hengen

    Mtr.H.Gfr. Martin Müller (cook)

    Peter Schwarz

    Karl Schnute

    Walter Kalabuch

    Mechaniker Wilhelm Janssen

    Hubert Hirsch

    Me.Ob.Gfr. Heinz Küfner

    Willi Jacob

    Johannes Weigand

    Karl Sommerer

    Paul Fichte

    Fritz Pietsch

    Ma.Mt. Ernst Weber
    Gerhard Oppermann
    Helmut Parthum
    Karl Schlag

    Kurt Grosser

    Theodor Schütt

    Ma.Ob.Gfr. Walter Roloff

    Gerhard Marx

    Ma.Ob.Gfr. Albert Schrader

    Siegfried Bruse

    Matrose Dr. Karl Rabe (doctor)

    * reported by the
    as Oberleutnant (Ing.); he had recently been promoted to Kapitänleutnant.(Ing.)

    Crewmembers of U-35 who were not on the final war cruise included:

    Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, guest officer, later Admiral.

    Oblt. Otto Kretschmer (First Watch Officer, 1936 - 1937)
    Wilhelm Zahn (First Watch Officer, September 1937 - October 1938)
    Kurt Schmidt
    (Crew 1927, Chief Engineer at commissioning)

    Ob.Ltn.z.S. Hans-Bernhard Michalowski
    (Second Watch Officer, 10.1937 - 10.1938; First Watch Officer 10.1938 - 09.1939)

    Ob.Ltn.z.S. Helmut Rosenbaum (Second Watch Officer, 1937)

    Dietrich von der Ropp (Watch Officer, early 1937 for the trip to Ponta Delgada)
    Richard Holstein

    Ltn.(Ing.) Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer (Crew 1931, Chief Engineer, 1937 - April 1939)

    Ltn.z.S. Jürgen Sander (Second Watch Officer, 10.1938 - 1939)

    Ltn.z.S. Hans Jenisch
    (Second Watch Officer, 9.1937)

    Willi Dietrich

    Walter Engler (later U-39, POW)
    Otto Tietz


    Guest officers on board U-35 at commissioning included:

    Hans Fechter (SM U-35)

    Erwin de Terra (SM U-35)

    Wilhelm Johannsen

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